Product Description

⇒ Concrete cutter is designed with comfortable grip handle and easy crank which controls raising/lowering cutting depth. The saw position guide helps ensure straight cutting. The concrete cutter series allowed cutting blade range from 350mm-600mm.

⇒ The grip handle is comfortable.
⇒ Easy crank for raising/lowering cutting depth.
⇒ Large water tank provide an optimum flow and volume of water to the blade.
⇒ Throttle control as standard part.
⇒ Diesel engine is also available for the concrete cutter.


Technical Parameter
Model HQ-120 HQ-150 HQ-150N HQ-200
Dia.ofthe blade: Φ350(mm) (14") Φ350-Φ450(14"-18") Φ350-Φ450(14"-18") Φ500MM
Max cutting depth: 120(mm) 150(mm) 150(mm) 200(mm)
Dia hole of the blade: Φ27(Φ50)(mm) Φ27(Φ50)(mm) Φ27(Φ50)(mm) Φ50(mm)
Capability of water tank: 30L 40L 40L 25L
Dimension(MM): 1120×580×970 1120×620×1110 1120×620×1110 1360×580×920
Weight: 100Kg 130Kg 130Kg 170Kg
Power: Honda GX390
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