Product Description

⇒ Plate compactors offer excellent performance for
Compacting granular soils and asphalt with durable vibrator and reliable engine, the plate compactor series have various models and they all shows high quality works at any job site.


⇒ Foldable handle for easy transportation and storage
⇒ Open plate provides self cleaning.
⇒ Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration to the upper engine handle.
⇒ Protective frame is available as optional.
⇒ Foldable handle is available as optional.
⇒ Transfer wheel is available as optional.


Technical Parameter
Model No.: HS-50 HS-60 HS-70 HS-80
Centrifugal Force: 800KGS 1030KGS 1030KGS 1500KGS
Vibration Frequency: 5488V.P.M. 5488V.P.M. 5488V.P.M. 5488V.P.M.
Move Speed: 0-25m/MIN 0-20m/MIN 0-20m/MIN 0-20m/MIN
Plate Size: 450*300MM 520*350MM 520*350MM 520*370MM
Engine: Lifan gasoline Honda/Lifan gasoline
Power: 3.0HP 5.5HP 5.5HP 5.5HP
Net weight: 50KGS 62KGS 62KGS 80KGS
Packing Size: 580*380*580mm 710*430*580mm 710*430*580mm 750*420*770mm
Model No.: HS-90A HS-90B HS-120 HS-158P
Centrifugal Force: 2000KGS 2200KGS 3000KGS 3500KGS
Vibration Frequency: 5488V.P.M. 5488V.P.M. 5488V.P.M. 5488V.P.M.
Move Speed: 0-20m/MIN 0-25m/MIN 0-30m/MIN 0-30m/MIN
Plate Size: 560*420MM 600*450MM 680*480MM 700*500MM
Engine: Honda/Lifan gasoline
Power: 5.5HP 5.5HP 5.5HP 9.0HP
Net weight: 90KGS 95KGS 120KGS 160KGS
Packing Size: 690*520*760mm 770*510*750mm 830*580*750mm 830*580*1280m
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