Electric Hydraulic Crane WIN-T5

Compact designing, small body type, small footprint, convenient installation and using are main advantage of hydraulic truck mounted crane. The lifting cranes are mainly used in light vehicles、emergency vehicles、trucks、vans etc.Brief Introduction of WIN-T5

500kg lifting capacity;
360° slewing of the body;
manual hydraulic system;
electro-hydraulic control unit is available as optional;
hydraulic motor slewing is available as optional;
hydraulic extension boom is available as optional.

ID Standard Technical Configuration        
1 Lifting Capacity(kg) 500  
2 Working Radius(mm) 2000  
3 Hydraulic Control Category manual hydraulic pump  
4 Extension Boom manual extension boom  
5 Slewing Control manual rocker boom slewing mechanism  
6 Power Voltage DC12V DC24V
8 Stabiliser Leg(one side) adjustable mechanical leg  
9 Lifting Boom Pulley block pulley block and lifting hook    
10 Electric Winch 300kg electric winch  
11 Exterior Spraying powder coating    


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