With many years of production experience in manufacturing automotive machine, the log grabs are designed with simple structure, high torque and operating performance. Our log grabs can load & unload wooden, piping, steel materials rapidly. Hydraulic components and piping of log grabs are imported with high quality. We are always committed to improving the efficiency of operations and product technology. 

The log grabs are manufactured meeting national quality standards with strict quality control during production.  The actual performance has passed international safety test. Log grab structure adopted long-running experiments to reach a long trouble-free run record.

Log grab 5ZT has the best of geometry and performance with two outreaches: 7.9 or 9.4 meters. Hoses are routed inside the second boom. It features a powerful double-slewing system. Log grab 5ZT can be fitted with an ergonomic high seat or a customized cabin with a selection of options.

Double Rack Slewing gives the slewing motion a smooth start and is especially suitable for heavy duty. The end cushion dampens slewing effectively when approaching the limit. The double rack is extremely reliable and also gives a high torque. Rack and pinion slewing provides reliable operation even on inclines or slopes.

Internal Hose Routing
The hydraulic hoses are well protected within the boom system. The highly wear resistant hoses have an impressively long service life and are easy to change. Two connections can be routed to the boom tip, making sure tools required for application.

Oil Bath
To keep the slewing mechanism immersed in oil is a prerequisite in the heavy duty type of work that our cranes perform. The oil bath provides smooth and precise slewing and reduces wear on the mechanism, keeping repair and service costs to a minimum.
Electronic Warning & Stop System
An electronic warning and stop system provides safety. By displaying cylinder pressure and other optional feedback signals, it improves maneuvering efficiency and stability.

Side Supports
Side Supports fitted on each boom extension stabilize the boom laterally and minimize play.

Model: ZZ-5ZT2/11, ZZ-5ZT3/11, ZZ-5ZT2/17, ZZ-5ZT3/17, ZZ-3ZT, ZZ-3ZTP

MODEL   ZZ-5ZT2/11 ZZ-5ZT3/11 ZZ-5ZT2/17 ZZ-5ZT3/17
Lifting capacity kNm (lbft) 140(103200) 140(103200)    
 ­­ -- gross
      -- net kNm (lbft) 110(81100) 105(77400) 167(123173) 155(114322)
Max. outreach m(ft) 7.70(25′3″) 9.10(29′10″) 8(26′3″) 9.35(30′8″)
Boom extension m(ft) 1.60(5′3″) 2×1.45(2×4′9″) 1.60(5′3″) 2×1.45(2×4′9″)
Slewing torque kNm (lbft) 21(15500) 31(22865)
Slewing angle ° 415 425
Weight Kg (Lbs) 2150(4750) 2290(5050) 1980(4365) 2100(4630)
Pump recommendation
-pressure Bar (PSL) 240(3480) 26(3770)
-flow -single pump70-90L/min(18-24gpm) -single pump90L/min(24gpm)
-double pump2×60-80L/min(2×16-21gpm) -double pump2×80L/min(2×21gpm)
-power requirement -single pump28-36Kw(38-49hp) 41-70Kw(55-94hp)
-double pump48-64Kw(65-87hp)
Weight is without grapple & rotator
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