High Pressure Hammer Union Male x Female

The high pressure union of our company is introduced technology from USA FMC and SPM Company, is made of high strength alloy steel forging. Strict heat treatment can ensure that the fitting has even metallographic structure and pressure bearing capacity; all material shall fully comply with USA ASTM and AISI standard; technical index shall fully comply with API Spec 16C standard; the product has reliable seal, quick connecting and disconnecting, interchange ability performance. The product can use pipeline thread, tubing tread, butt welding or non-pressure seal end connection.

Main models: FIG100, FIG200, FIG206, FIG207, FIG400, FIG402, FIG602, FIG1002, FIG1003, FIG1502, FIG2002, FIG2202; 
Rated working pressure: 7MPa(1000psi)~105MPa(22000psi)
For easy identification, different pressure grade union has different color markings, and with obvious model, connection type and pressure grade on the wing nut. 
H2S welding union model: FIG602, FIG1002, FIG1502, FIG2202, Tr120×6, Tr150×6, Tr180×8
Rated pressure: 35MPa(5000psi)~105MPa(15000psi)

Reliable sealing performance:
Sealing ring adopts imported rubber material for increasing pressure bearing capacity and sealing performance. Seal type depends on pressure and application range.

Quick and easy installation:
Design of wing nut and rigid self-lock type ACME thread can be quick makeup and breakout, no special tools required.

Height interchangeability:

All union structures, connection sizes can be matched with international products, English system size; sealing ring of union can be interchanged with SPM and FMC products. Model and pressure and other markings on wing nut are stamp forged once.

Advanced machining and inspection procedures: 
High precision CNC machine can process spherical fitting and special tools can machine LP thread. Wing nuts are machined by CNC machines. Welding material and bevel shall comply with API SPEC 16C specifications; For H2S environment, unions are designed and made as per NACEMR0175“ Stress fracturing material of sulfide resistant for oilfield equipment and APIRP-14E specifications.

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